Misson / Vision



Bringing out the Gift in youths.

We believe that everyone has a gift and our mission is to bring them out. Some of the ways we do this is through our 3-Day Business and Life Skills programme and our Gifted Stars yearly talent show.

Gifted Enterprise Founder-2

Gifted Enterprise was founded by Nadia McInnis – Aniagolu in 2015. Nadia is a married mother of two, entrepreneur, Professional Motivational Speaker, Business Strategist, Coach and Author. She holds a BSc in Business Management and is a trained Mentor and speaker. For over 10 years she has trained and mentored young people to become their best irrespective of their background or experiences. Nadia saw a need for the programme when two of her brothers were brutally murdered on the same day and then her nephew few years later. Two of them were just 18 years old and very talented in singing, however they did not get a chance to maximize their full potential because their lives were taken from them at such young age. Nadia believes that everyone has a gift and she is dedicated to bringing them out. Nadia believes that when you discover and use your gift you become fulfilled.